Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disney Pixar

Whether it be talking toys or forgetful sharks, Disney's Pixar have never failed to disappoint their audience through the use of state of the art animation and hilarious gags for all ages. For the past 25 years, Pixar have graced us with 12 feature-length films and over 20 delightful shorts that we can ponder at over and over again without getting bored and not being able to help but crack a smile.

Pixar's talent shines through with their movie plots and each film theu have dished out feels like a breath of fresh air with a concept of talking animals and objects but a completely different style. Some of the greatest voice actors have worked for Pixar, including actor John Ratzenberger who has voice acted a character for all 12 Pixar movies.

Pixar's 12 feature length films include:

Toy Story : Tiny talking toys take on the world!

A Bug's Life : Talking bugs juggle life in the circus while avoiding grasshoppers!

Toy Story 2: The sequel to the debut feature from Pixar rejoins the toys as they go on a mission to win their buddy Woody back!

Monsters Inc.: Mike and Sulley scare children for a living, that's until they cross paths with Boo, who is the definition of adorable!

Finding Nemo: A fish with a flappy fin runs away from his sea village to discover the ocean, while his father and a forgetful friend search for him!

The Incredibles: Follow the lives of a superpowered family as they encounter the evils of their city!

Cars: Chit-chatting motors on a forgotten road on Route 66 have their lives transformed when high speed Lightning McQueen encounters their town!

Ratatouille: Rat turned chef comes as a surprise to Parisian diners in this flick!

WALL-E: A little robot, WALL-E, who is designed to clean up the Earth's waste far into the future falls for fellow robot EVE, by following her WALL-E encounters the wonders of the universe!

Up: An old man who is bitter over the death of his wife and a hyperactive go on a whirl-wind adventure in a house that is tied with hundreds of balloons!

Toy Story 3: The toys are back, in this adventure toy-owner Andy must give up his toys as he departs for university. Which results in the toys entering a creche!

Cars 2: The motors return for an action packed sequel in which Lightning McQueen and his best bud Mater go to Europe and Japan for the World Grand Prix!

So what's in store for Pixar fanatics in the coming years? Well a planned prequel to "Monster's Inc." is set for release on June 21 2013, to avoid the high competition in the box office of late 2012, so we fans must be patient.The film is called "Monster's University" and will be a depiction of Mike and Sulley's life throughout their university years, hence the title! There is also the highly anticipated release of film "Brave", which tells the story of a young skilled archer who defies the laws of her town which leads to chaos, she confronts on old wise woman for advice and is then cursed and must undo the spell before time runs out. This picture is set for release on June 22nd 2012.

To see trailers of the films listed, click below:

Toy Story, 1995

A Bug's Life, 1998

Toy Story 2, 1999

Monster's Inc, 2001

Finding Nemo, 2003

The Incredibles, 2004

Cars, 2006

Ratatouille, 2007

WALL-E, 2008

Up, 2009

Toy Story 3, 2010

Cars 2, 2011

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