Friday, November 18, 2011

Scannan na hEireann

With the return of Roddy Doyle's "The Snapper" on Irish television last week I couldnt help but think back on Irish film and I realised how good it actually is.

Ireland is particularly talented with its comedy, with "The Snapper" being the perfect example. What I love about Irish films (scannans) are the realistic side to them, the portrayal of a character's life in Irish film is so simplistic and depicts exactly how the Irish people live. Irish films are not overly dramatised and there are no Hollywood factors, just simple yet effective film making, no need for stereotypes and its the realistic style of Irish film that makes it so funny. Some Irish films that I really love are; "Spin the Bottle", "The Commitments", "The Van", "Inside I'm Dancing" etc. It's these sort of films that prove to people that were not all about leprechauns and sheep.

I personally think that Irish film deserves more recognition and is underrated. It is not all about the comedy, there are dramas such as "Veronica Guerrin" and "The Magdalene Sisters" that are based on true events which impacted the country greatly.

So I thought I would show some support for the famous scannans of Ireland that we are truely proud of.

Thanks for reading, ttyl.

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