Sunday, December 4, 2011

R.I.P Ken Russell


Legendary, controversial film director Ken Russell impacted my life with his work. So, after his recent death I feel that he deserves some recognition no matter how small.

Ken Russell caught my attention one day as I was trying to find some controversial films to watch, as I love a bit of controversy. Through searching for controversial films I discovered, which would soon be a film to enter into my top 10, even top 5, Ken Russell's 1971 masterpiece "The Devils". When I viewed this film I was intrigued by this Ken Russell, who was merely a name on a screen at the time. When I began to delve into his work, my intrigue only grew from then on.

Here is a snippet of "The Devils", the cult following which earned Ken Russell his status in the movie world.

Before breaking through in the film industry, Russell became interested in photography. As a result of his work with photographing, Russell had many exhibitions in the late part of his life. Below are some examples of Ken Russells work:

It is clear from the work of Ken Russell, whether it be directing or photography, that he was a truly talented individual in his art.

3 of Russell's films were awarded Oscars, the films were: "Women in Love" (1969), "The Devils" (1971) and "The Who's Tommy" (1975).

Ken Russell died November 27, 2011 at the age of 84. His death was due to natural causes.

R.I.P Ken Russell (3rd July 1927 - 27th November 2011)

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