Monday, December 5, 2011

When Humans and Insects Combine ... eeek !!!!!

The world was shaken with fear and the goosebumps in 2010 when horror director Tom Six released what he had planned to be "the world's sickest film", "The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Now this is a strange and for some quite a disturbing topic to discuss, you've been warned!

This film, and I will not give anything major or sickening away, was based around Dr. Heiter, a doctor famous for the separation of conjoined twins. He becomes obsessed with the idea of creating organisms rather than separating them and his main idea is none other than creating a human centipede...

Let's just say that 3 unfortunate victims become the subjects of Heiter's torturous plan. This film was beautifully directed in a strange sense as there is always clean and bright imagery to represent the clinical side to the estranged Dr. Heiter. The ending to this film is even more disturbing than the conept itself.

To view the trailer for the original horror, click the link below:

Director Tom Six had made a statement on a planned sequel which he released a teaser trailer for not long after the release of the first movie. In this trailer Six stated that the sequel would make its predecessor look like "my little pony". In this trailer he also introduced his new evil mastermind that would knock Heiter off the gold podium... MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!

The sequel "The Human Centipede (Full Sequence)" was released September 2011 and caused twice as much chaos as the first film. In the case of the sequel it presented someone actually becoming obsessed with the first film and how they plan to recreate the events of the previous film only taking it to another degree. What is disturbing about this concept is the fact that there are people who are possibly sick enough to contemplate copying this idea and this movie scares the living daylights out of any sane person at the fact that this is happening within the film. Six shows his brilliant directing skills in presenting us with a completely different concept visually and literally. The stark difference between the two films is the full sequence is in black and white for the most part despite a scene which I will not mention for the sake of those of you who have just eaten something. The film is set in England and makes up for the missed blood and guts the first film did not possess.

This time around the centipede will not consist of 3 human beings but a disgusting 12! Martin, the main man is an obese, mentally-ill and somewhat of a sympathetic character despite his gruesome actions. It is the skill of acting and Six's directing which is magnificent in the fact that he has convinced many who watch the film to feel for the main character who has a sickening yet childlike mental state.

The sequel stars Laurence R. Harvey as Martin and Ashlynn Yennie reprises a role, but this time she plays herself.

The film revolves around Martin, a security guard working in an underground car park. He lives at home with his somewhat mentally abusive mother and suffered abuse as a child at the hands of his father who is not present in the movie. Martin is obsessed with "The Human Centipede: (First Sequence)" watching the movie on repeat in his office and possessing a homemade scrapbook on the film, and also owning his own pet centipede. Martin plans on creating his own 12 person centipede and by doing so lures and tricks his victims as they are passing through the car park where he works. As the film progresses, which is very slowly, and Martin's plan does too, it truly does make the first movie look like "My Little Pony".

To see the theatrical trailer for this depraved sequel, click the link below... if you dare!

The movie has been described by fans as "depraved and disgusting" and other film reviewers have stated that "it should not exist".

The film has suffered bans in several countries which seems to be attracting more attention to it with regards to online streaming.

Tom Six had announced that there will be a third and final film released to compose the trilogy and once again this film will be incredibly different in comparison to the previous 2, but all films will connect and can be combined to make a 4 and a half hour feature film. Once again Six is challenging himself to create an even sicker film.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this psychotic director who has spoken to medical advisors that have approved that his theatrical concept is 100% medically accurate but in imagination is 100% inaccurate!

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